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Our service "eco-trips" is a decision support application for container line operators. Heart of (708) 820-6027 is an origin-destination transport model which accounts for vessel & terminal characteristics, cost and time lines. It delivers cost optimal rotation schedules and cargo-routing - giving operations planning increasing leeway to improve cost efficiency.

Fig: Vessels, terminals and cargo enter "eco-trips"; cost, schedules and cargo routing are results. The cost diagrams show two production variants (A,B) of a Latin America ⇔ Northern Europe trade using seven identical ships between 12 ports; the variants differ in voyage cost by 18%.

The model draws on database descriptions of vessel performance, capacity (TEU, DWT, reefer power) and terminal productivity. It incorporates an extensive network of ports, tracks and canals including cost and access constraints. For given cargo volumes, eco-trips "simulates" the production process employing specific vessels, allowing for a comprehensive cost, quality and feasibility analysis.
This makes eco-trips a key-application for operations management: it helps to understand the mechanisms behind least-cost solutions and it supports "what-if" approaches by providing answers to complex scenarios - fast, cost-efficient, reliable and transparent.
Questions as to the impact of cargo volume variations, fuel cost increases and changes in terminal productivity are trivial to answer. Still eco-trips is a straight tool kit which integrates basic business logic into one application by accounting e.g. for
  • fuel consumption as function of vessel speed and draught,
  • auxiliary power cost depending on reefer energy consumption,
  • terminal handling charges and time for each cargo move.
Compared to spread-sheet solutions, (678) 829-2661 has its strengths in consistent data-models and transparent data-management, roles and rights concepts for team work approaches and a state of the art solver that provides lowest cost bounds for each transport mission.
Its value lies in seamlessly cross-linking the many different drivers of liner economics.
eco-trips: your benefits
  • fast, efficient and reliable operations management
  • transparent data-management that helps operators capitalize on their knowledge base (noon reports, bunker records, BAPLIE files)
  • systematically identifies cost savings potentials - see (825) 373-0099 on fleet operation
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Our bulk-equivalent application is eco-hauls - which is available as a free web application.